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1970 Ford Bronco with original white paint 3 speed

Year: 1970 Color: OG white paint w white seats Price: $42,950
Updated: 9/20/2018 10:41:24 AM
Engine: Original 302 V8
Transmission: Original 3 speed Manual , dana 20 transfer case
Exterior: Original Paint , Original Hardtop , Stock steel hood , Chrome mirrors , white front & rear flares , Original Bumpers
Interior: Stock seats , 4-point Roll Cage , Rear seat
Brakes: Original Drums
Steering: Original Non-power steering
Suspension: Original
Electrical: stock wire harness
Tires: 31" all terrains
Wheels: 8" steel mags
Fuel System: 12 gallon main tank
axles: ford 9" , Dana 30
We just possession of this 2nd owner 1970 Ford Bronco with a very straight body and original paint with a hard top. We just installed a new set of 15x8" aluminum wheels with 31x10.50x15 tires, replacing the aged wagon wheels and old tires, which were worn out. The body is near perfect, this would be a great Bronco for restoration. The drive line has 120,000 original miles on everything, it was a farm truck that barely got driven.

It has a factory original 302 engine with 120,000 original miles on it, it appears to never have been rebuilt, but it may have had a valve job in the past. The former owner says it does not need to be rebuilt. We plan to do a compression test on the vehicle by the end of the week to verify his claim after a few basic tests are done.

The engine has a (just rebuilt) factory 2 barrel carburetor, stock Bronco exhaust system, along with a 3 speed factory manual transmission and stock Dana 20 transfer case, with a straight handle transfer case shifter. The 3 speed shifter is a three speed on the tree, and shifts easily from rear to gear. The front axle is a healthy looking Dana 30 model with manual drum brakes, along with a Ford 9" rear axle with drums brakes in back. It does not have power brakes, but it does have after market early 70's power steering.

The steering pump appears to be a factory 73-77 model, however the steering box is not a 73-77 Bronco steering box, it is a Saginaw heavy duty gear box. The frame was mildly modified in order to accept this power steering box. The brakes seem to work well for drums.

The suspension bushings are fairly new and must have been recently replaced. It still has the original 1970 steering linkages, plus the tie rod and drag link systems are all stock, and a steering stabilizer shock has been added to help make it steer better.
We can still build this one ANY way you want it to be.

Right now, the rear fenders have been cut and flared, but the front fenders have only been trimmed to make it so the slightly larger tire would not rub during sharp turns. IF we end up restoring the exterior, we could build it either "cut and flared" using new fender flares, we could take it back to factory and go back to having UNCUT front and rear fenders, but you may want to consider that it's original condition is exceptional and you may want to keep the outside unrestored. Kind of like what's considered a "Reformer" at some other restoration shops.

We just made the decision to remove the original Dana 30 front axle and install a completely restored / rebuilt Dana 44 front axle with new disc brake kit, 4.56 gearing, all new inner and outer axles, new bearings, new seals, new locking hubs, new soft and hard brake lines, etc. Plus install a matching rebuilt Ford 9" rear axle with 4.56 gearing new Explorer disc brake kit with new emergency brake system, new rear brake lines.

This will save the hassle of going through the stock axles, which would still be old and have drum brakes on them, while updating the axles to meet or exceed today's quality standards for a 48 year old vehicle. Could this Bronco be the beginning of your Classic Ford Bronco restoration?

The current plan for this Bronco is going to go as follows:

Phase 1 will include (but will not be limited to) the following line items:

1) Pressure wash top bottom, buff and polish paint to enhance original patina (done)
2) Remove carburetor, send out to be rebuilt (done) Service engine coolant (done)
3) Drain fuel tanks, replace all old fuel lines, fill with new fuel (done)
4) Perform a compression test, make sure the engine is healthy and has no leaks
5) Change fluids, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, add new distributor and electroinc ignition
6) Re-upoholster front seats (done) and reupholster factory rear seat
7) Replace windshield glass and seal (in process)
8) Remove hard top and roll bar, install Legend powder coated 6 point roll cage (done)
9) Have Linex interior bed liner sprayed in (next week)
10) Install new front and rear retractable seat belts and windshield frame braces
11) Install Parchment pleated vinyl door, rear side and tailgate panels (Friday)
12) Replace Dana 30 with a freshly restored Dana 44 with disc brakes and all new lines
13) Replace Ford 9" rear axle for a restored Ford 9" with disc brakes and all new lines
14) Install new Bronco power brake system with all new hard lines and prop. valve
15) Take to alignment shop to set the alignment properly
14) Test drive Bronco for a week, find anything else that might need to be serviced.
15) Find a new owner OR start Phase 2.

Once all of this is done in about a week, this Bronco will be capable of being someones daily driver, still with it's beautiful original paint and restored factory interior. At this point it will be priced at $42,950.00

ADD: $30,000 for new crate 375HP 302 fuel injected engine, new 23 gallon main fuel tank, 4R70W four-speed automatic transmission conversion with rebuilt Dana 20 transfer case and all new drive shafts. This would give you a Bronco that still looks original with a completely new interior and a new drive train in it.

OR ADD: $40,000.00 for a new 430HP Coyote engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission and Atlas 2 transfer case, plus new drive shafts.


PHASE 2 will consist of the following: Disconnect body harness, separate body from rolling chassis, tear rolling chassis down to bare frame, send frame out to be sand blasted and powder coated black. along with new drive shafts, new 23 gallon fuel tank, and new hard fuel lines down frame so that the entire drive line is now completely new. This phase will add another $20,000.00 to the cost of the Bronco.

OPTIONAL PHASE 2 ADD-ON: Install new Legend 12" long travel coil-over suspension with 12" King 2.5" coil-over shocks in front and 10" King 2.5" coil over shocks in back, new Hellwig front and rear anti-sway bars, new weld-on three link suspension system in front and four-link system in back, change out the old power steering and linkages for new 14-1 ratio Tom Lee power steering steering, combined with new Legend heavy duty steering with him joints instead of ball joints. This will enable this Bronco to have a much softer ride and be capable of traveling at much higher speeds on rougher terrain and dirt roads. Cost of this service: $25,000.00

PHASE 3 - Body and paint / electrical / exterior restoration

Take body (tub) including doors, hard top, all body parts, etc to paint shop for high quality 2-stage base coat/clear coat paint job in your color choice, install new stainless steel lift-off door hinges, new safety straps, then install all new inner and outer door parts including outer door handles, chrome or black chrome outside door mirrors, new stainless steel wing windows, new window glass and tracks, window 14 piece anti-rattle felt and channel kit, new tailgate parts including handle, support arms, license plate frame and light, all new LED head lights, side marker lights and tail lights, billet aluminum or chrome head light and tail light bezels and lenses, new dash (either a restored stock dash or a brand new Legend dash with your own customized dash configuration) if you decide to go with a stock dash, we will install a new black dash pad. Once this is all done, this will be a $125,000 to $135,000 Bronco.

If you want to do something like this, but you want to spend less than $125,000.00, then you need to talk to Shaun about a plan and nail down the things which are most important to you so we can estimate a total cost upon completion.

Call Shaun for more information 310-293-7801
9/20/2018 - With restored white stock seats and matching spare
9/18/2018 - Top off, carpeting removed, new black Legend roll cage, new 15x8
9/17/2018 - Just in
9/13/2018 - Coming soon to RR
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