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Below are Broncos of all styles, currently available, or under restoration. Prices and information are subject to change until a deposit is secured, as we are constantly improving and updating the Broncos in our inventory. Please call Shaun Bryant at 310-293-7801 for more information. Our Broncos are far safer than our competitors Broncos because we use 6 point Legend family roll cages in most of our Broncos with removable tops. The reason for this is when you take the top off a Classic Bronco, the windshield frame and the door window frames will smack against each other when you go over bumps, unless you have something pushing the windshield frame forward. Our Legend 6 point roll cages are mounted with stainless steel turn-buckles that secure the roll cage to the windshield frame and can be easily adjusted as needed. Most of our competitors offer standard '4 point roll cages' so when the top is removed, you will have major rattles between your doors and windshield frame, especially when running a Bikini or Safari top. Don't wait to find this out after you take delivery! Ask for a Legend 6 point family roll cage with turn-buckles and retractable seat belts in front & in back on your Bronco build!

Want to drive smoothly and safely as possible in all road conditions? We can build you a Legend Ford Bronco with our purpose built 12" Coil-over four link suspension system, the most heavy duty suspension system on the market for Classic Ford Broncos today. Our Legend 6 point Family roll cage prevents rattles between your windshield frame and door window frames and adds to the vehicle's safety. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We specialize in locating rust-free West Coast sourced Ford Broncos; once we find the right Bronco for your build, we can Custom Restore it to fit your needs. Check out our Past Restorations

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