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Using a genuine Classic Bronco as a base, we can build the vehicle of your dreams, completely tailor-made to your exact specifications! Our team of dedicated & experienced technicians restores these vehicles to an exceptionally high standard. By using modern materials and engineering processes we are able to increase levels of safety, comfort, handling and performance way beyond that of the original. The result is a classic Iconic Bronco suitable for modern day driving conditions, regardless of location or climate. Truly the best of both worlds!

Our Broncos are far safer than our competitors because we use 6 point Family roll cages in almost all models with removable tops. The reason for this is when you take the top off a Classic Ford Bronco, the windshield frame and window frames will smack against each other when you go over bumps unless you have something pushing the windshield frame forward. Our competitors mostly offer 4 point roll cages, so when the top is removed you will have major rattles between your doors and your windshield frame. Don't wait to find this out after you take delivery! Ask for a Legend 6 point family roll cage on your Bronco build!

We would like to thank our customers for their commitment to owning only the best - especially those customers with their 2nd, 3rd or 4th Classic Ford Broncos restored by Rocky Roads. As our process is further developed and refined, our quality continues to rise. Superior quality takes time; only 10-12 Broncos will be completed and bear the Rocky Roads label for 2018. Even fewer will be built in 2019. No other Early Bronco (built on an original 66-77 Ford Bronco chassis) maintains a higher resale value than one manufactured by Rocky Roads. There are several Early Bronco restoration outfits who are bigger & have more funding than us, but their quality doesn't compare to our quality. 600-800 man-hours can go into just one 2018 Rocky Roads Bronco! Our commitment to quality is and top-notch customer service is unmatched. We can build anything you can dream up!

We restore only to the highest level (no low level restorations). The cost of our show quality restoration starts at $65,000 and can reach $150,000. Many top-of-the-line options are available on these special vehicles. Order placement: A $25,000 deposit is required to get into our restoration queue, plus the cost of any added options. Upon completion of the vehicle, if the purchaser is not satisfied, the $25K deposit will be fully refunded within 60 days, however custom options are not refundable.

Only the highest level of master technicians & fabricators take part in restoring our Early Broncos. Only experienced craftsmen will ever touch your Classic Bronco investment. We study and re-study our process for continued improvement, and we have determined that only the most highly skilled personnel, performing even the most elementary task, improves overall quality. Its quality, not quantity, that we're all about. Our technicians, body men & painters collectively have over 100 years of restoration experience under their belts. These guys know what they are doing. We take our time and do things right the first time.

Additionally, we have reduced the number of Broncos that our team will build for 2018. Reduced volume allows the development of even higher quality Broncos. We now invest some $60,000- $100,000 in new parts, quality materials and skilled labor to restore just one Rocky Roads Bronco! Our 2018 Broncos are better than ever, and our new Legend Bronco product line is second to none! Nothing else currently being built by any Classic Ford Bronco restoration shop can compare to our RR Legend Broncos, neither on or off the road.

Broncos available for sale are currently limited to those we have in stock, but we can find you what you are looking for if we don't currently have it. We can locate the right Early Bronco for your restoration and build it out to your specs... for this process, a $25,000.00 deposit is required so we can source you the right Bronco. We don't buy many Broncos these days, only Broncos that we feel are worthy of bearing the Rocky Roads brand name. If you want a top-of-the-line Bronco, we can find you one or build you one from scratch!

Let Rocky Roads Build Your Custom Vintage Bronco for you! You can fill out our new Build Your Bronco information page, or E-mail us tell us which Broncos you are interested in, we will forward updates with detailed current vehicle descriptions, digital photos and videos upon receipt of your e-mail. We just started a You-Tube channel RockyRoads4x4 & a Facebook page at BroncoRestorations. Please be patient as we develop our new YouTube channel.

Our standards are very high. We tolerate no rust. To sum it all up, the best money spent on an Early Bronco restoration is: A straight, clean Bronco with original paint (if possible) then doing proper metal treatment for a lasting restoration. Add our show quality finish inside and out, then you have a name brand appreciating investment of lasting quality that can only be manufactured to this level by Rocky Roads. No other Early Bronco can compare - our service is worth the wait!

We currently have a three to four month wait to get your Bronco into our shop for Service or Restoration work. Your restoration will be completed approximately 6-8 months from receipt of deposit. If you are interested in having Rocky Roads restore your Bronco, please send us photos of the vehicle inside and out. The more detailed the photos of rust and damage, the more accurate our estimate will be. Ultimately, we will need to see your Bronco in person before an accurate proposal can be given. You can see photos of some of our customers' recently restored Broncos in our Restorations section. You can also read some of our satisfied customers experiences in the Testimonials section.

Don't forget to check out our Restoration Process page that describes the typical step-by-step frame off restoration on a Classic Bronco.

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