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Rocky Roads Flatbed Transportation Services

Flatbed  Vehicle Transportation

Rocky Roads offers pick up & vehicle delivery services. We sometimes locate Broncos that are out of state and we have a trucking broker that picks them up and delivers them right to us. They can transport vehicles & parts locally to and from our facility in Southern California. We have a track record of locating the right vehicle for the client no matter it's original location, from right around the corner to 3000 miles away (a lot of our customers are on the East Coast!) Once you purchase the right vehicle, the possibilities are endless. During your restoration, we will occasionally have your vehicle transported to and from the best specialty shops in town to create a highly customized vehicle that exceeds most customer's expectations.

Flatbed  Automobile Transportation

Our towing company charges $135.00 flat rate for up to a 15 mile tow, plus $2.50 per additional mile. There may be an extra charge for transporting separate parts (IE hard tops, roll bars, bumpers, new wheels or tires, or other heavy items). If you have items that you want us to install on your Bronco, we can work out a fair rate for transporting those parts for you.

Flatbed  Vehicle Transportation
Flatbed  4x4 Transportation

We also offer enclosed & outside carrier vehicle transportation services to / from anywhere in the continental U.S. We only work with top-rated auto transport carriers. We can give you pricing based on where the truck is coming from and where it's going.

Our general information line is 310-293-7801 please ask for Shaun Bryant.

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