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  • Take a look at all the services we offer. It is a long list and our search box will help you quickly look through them all. We update this list annually to insure our prices are competitive and current. As our Legend Ford Bronco product line continues to grow, we'll continue to update our Coyote Bronco Legend 4x4 Bronco parts & services. For more info, please call 310-293-7801 or e-mail Shaun Bryant

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    Current General & Restoration Services
    347 Stroker engine conversion w/Fuel Injection - $0
    This conversion includes a crate 347 Stroker FORD engine with MSD Atomic Fuel Injection, MAD ignition & distributer, ceramic headers, dual exhaust system with Flowmasters. Call for pricing
    351 Windsor conversion - $0
    The best way to get that extra power! steam clean required, includes removal of stock engine, prep and black out engine bay, install diamond plate engine bay kit, install rebuilt 351 Windsor engine with RV cam, new double sump oil pan, new four barrel Edlebrock or Holley carburetor, intake manifold, air cleaner, raiser plate, voltage regulator, starter, Blaster 2 coil, chrome coil mount, MSD ignition, MSD billet distributor, alternator, spark plugs, MSD plug wires, heater lines and valve, Optima battery, DP battery tray, new battery and starter cables, four core radiator, hoses, belts, thermostat, L&L headers, oil change, tune up, etc. plus all new Flowmaster exhaust system routed out behind rear tires. One year 12,000 mile warranty on engine (add aluminum heads $1,200.00 extra) Call for pricing
    Aluminum radiator conversion - $0
    Helps keep your engine running much cooler! includes removal of old radiator, thermostat, hoses, replace with new hi-efficiency aluminum radiator, four core poly mounts, new hoses and thermostat, add new coolant and coolant reservoir system. Call for pricing.
    Automatic transmission conversion for C-4 trans - $0
    includes removal of existing stick transmission and all clutch related items, install rebuilt C-4 automatic transmission, (with one year warranty from rebuilders) install bell housing, adapter kit, rebuilt torque converter, flywheel, dipstick and tube, kick down rod, new trans fluid, filter, new B&M floor shifter (column shifter / new tilt column also available, additional parts and labor are involved) plus fine tune and road test. Call for current pricing
    Black out engine bay, axles, chassis and suspension service - $0
    Prior steam clean required, includes pressure washing & blacking out of entire engine bay, chassis, axles and suspension. Actual cost for this service depends on condition of your Bronco, our estimated price is an average based on the Broncos we've done in the recent past. Call for pricing.
    Bodywork and paint service (prior tear down required) - $0
    We need to see your vehicle in person to accurately estimate the job. We do not work on completely 'rusted out' vehicles. Two Stage paint two jobs can be expensive, require more prep time, and they last a lot longer than one stage paint jobs. Tear-down and re-installation time for body and paint are not included in this pricing estimate, this cost is only for a quality paint job our customers have come to expect from us. Rust work is extra and can be discussed when pictures are sent and reviewed by our staff. Pearl paint materials average $1000-$1,500 more due to the additional prep time and special primers required. Bring in your vehicle for an estimate.
    Color match fender flares - $0
    Color matching 'four' fender flares, prep time for removal and replacement, primer, and paint materials. We must see your vehicle in person to determine the price.
    Color match service for newly installed hood or panel - $0
    Includes removal of old hood or panel, send it out for a paint match at the paint shop, purchase paint and materials needed, prep and paint hood or panel to match color sand and polish for smooth finish. Color matching can be done to any part on the vehicle... price varies depending on condition of hood or panel. We must see your vehicle in person to determine pricing.
    Currie F-9" Fabricated Ford 9" rear axle service - Averages $4,650 to $4,950
    Requires prior brake inspection, includes high pressure steam clean, removal of stock rear axle, install new powder coated custom built Currie Fabricated F-9 rear axle which includes heavy duty housing, new Detroit Locker or soft locker, your choice of 3.54, 4.11 4.56 or 4.88 gears, (larger u-joint required for drive shaft), larger pinion yoke required, includes new Explorer disc brake system, new e-brake system, new hardened 31 spline axles, new hard brake lines, new proportioning valve, bleed brakes, road test. *Price varies, based on options chosen.
    Currie heavy duty Ford Fabricated 9" rear axle service - $0
    Requires prior brake inspection, includes high pressure steam clean, removal of stock rear axle, install new powder coated custom built Currie Fabricated F-9 rear axle which includes heavy duty housing, new Detroit Locker or soft locker, your choice of 3.54, 4.11 4.56 or 4.88 gears, (larger u-joint required for drive shaft), larger pinion yoke required, choose from either new Explorer or Wilwood disc brake system, new e-brake system, new hardened 31 spline axles, new hard brake lines, new proportioning valve, bleed brakes, road test. *Price varies, based on options chosen.
    Cut fenders to install fender flares (front or rear) - $0
    Includes labor to line up the front OR rear flares, mark where body needs to be cut, then cut the body of the truck and install the flares with rivets (or screws) and rubber backing 'welting'. Does NOT include the price of the fender flares, welting, screw kit, or paint if needed, only labor for two (front or rear) fender flares.
    Dash pad replacement service - $0
    Includes removal of all upper windshield frame bolts, push windshield forward to get at four screws behind dash, remove dash pad, install new dash pad cover on old dash pad, re-install with new hardware, re-seal windshield frame at top and bottom. (add $400 for brand new dash pad, comes in 20 colors). We need to see your Bronco in person to provide pricing.
    Dash pad replacement service (using factory replacement dash pad) - Averages $650 to $750
    Includes removal of all upper windshield frame bolts, frontal dash pad screws, push windshield frame forward to get at four screws behind dash, remove dash pad, install completely new after market dash pad, re-install with all new mounting hardware, re-seal windshield frame at top and bottom. This is NOT a dash pad cover, this is an entirely new dash pad that comes in 20 different colors.
    Door rebuild service (for factory hard doors) - Averages $1,950 to $2,250
    Price is per door. (no guarantee on proper alignment if there is prior rust in the vehicle...) includes removal of door, removal of hinges, rebuild hinges (or replace with new Chrome removable door hinges), removal of all factory window supports and seals, lubricate and inspect all internal parts, replace factory parts if necessary (may add to cost), repair cracks at window frames if necessary, prep and primer those areas (may add to cost) install new window anti-rattle kit, all new hardware, install new door striker, re-install windows, install new door cups and armrests, your choice of door panels, re-install and align door.
    Early Bronco Rampage soft top installation service - Averages $1,250 to $1,450
    The cost depends on what type of interior add on's your vehicle has on it, and which top you want. If you bring the truck to us with no top, it will take us less time to install the new soft top. If you bring it with a hard top, an older soft top or a bikini top, more time will be required. If you have rear side panels, we will need to install Riv-Nuts so the panels don't need to be removed to change tops. Those are $100 extra.
    Early Bronco Rock Solid rear bumper with swing out tire carrier - Averages $975 to $1,075
    Includes removal of your old rear bumper and installation of a new powder coated Rock Solid rear bumper with swing out tire carrier, mounted with all new grade 8 hardware, then we will install your spare tire. (if your frame is crooked and buper needs additional alignment to be straight, that will cost extra).
    Early Bronco standard 302 or 351 W engine overhaul service - Averages $5,500 to $6,500
    Prior pressure wash required, includes inspection of engine, removal of engine, send to machine shop, clean and prep engine bay, inspect all existing parts, replace any questionable, broken or worn out parts with new, re-install rebuilt engine, inspect exhaust system, cooling system service, fine tune, road test. (one year,12,000 mile warranty on engine). Add $850.00 for all new external engine parts to be 100% reliable.
    Electric master cylinder service - Averages $2,200 to $2,450
    Includes removal of your existing master cylinder or your entire power brake system, then we install a new chrome Electric master cylinder and new brake lines and get your brakes working as good as possible. This is the electric version of a hydro-boost system that is commonly used on Hot-Rod applications. We have used this system on our 1st Legend Bronco and a few other recent customer's Broncos. This system works great and looks even better!
    Engine bay paint restoration service - Averages $2,750 to $3,200
    This service includes removal of everything removable in the engine bay (besides the engine itself) fill any unnecessary holes, remove any unwanted bolts or factory jack or jack hold down system. Prep, primer and re-finish the entire engine bay in the color of your Bronco (or black). At this time, you can have us install all new surrounding engine parts (at an additional cost). Then re-install all parts that were removed in the beginning phase of this task, plus anything else you want us to install at an addition nap cost. This service will require your paint code or a professional paint match that will get the paint as close to matching as possible. *** This price depends on the condition of your existing engine bay.
    Exhaust systems in either 2", 2.5" or 3" single or dual - Averages $650 to $1,200
    Our expert exhaust shop can make custom exhaust systems for every type of vehicle! They have been doing custom exhaust systems for over 25 years. Obviously we specialize in Early Broncos, but our exhaust guys have worked on every type of vehicle imaginable. We offer back-to-factory quiet stock exhaust systems, catalytic converter exhaust systems for 76 and 77 Broncos, Flow Masters and Magna Flow exhaust systems in 2", 2.5" and 3", we can also do 2 into 1 or dual exhaust systems. All of our systems have the exhaust gasses existing out behind the rear tires so you don't breath in the exhaust fumes when your top is on or off.
    Flaming River or Ididit polished tilt steering column service - Averages $2,350 to $2,550
    This depends on which tilt column application you decide on, we currently install ONLY Flaming River billet tilt columns. Bring in your own column if desired, and we will install it at $115.00 hr labor plus materials. This service includes: removal of original steering column, install new polished tilt steering column, re-configure wiring, install new steering shaft and yoke system, install custom Rocky Roads billet speedometer bezel OR billet steering column cover set (at an additional $500 cost), install new Le Carra steering wheel, make horn work, road test.
    Ford fuel injection service - Averages $5,000 to $6,500
    If you want to be more fuel efficient, you may want to consider installing a Ford factory 89-93 fuel injection system on your vehicle. This process includes the cost of all necessary parts (new & used) and integration of the FI system onto your engine & into your wire harness.
    Ford or GM sourced front disc brake service - Averages $1,850 to $2,150
    Prior pressure wash and brake inspection necessary. Includes removal of all front drum brake components, install all new after market Ford or GM based disc brake system, install a new proportioning valve if needed, install all new stainless or rubber brake lines where needed (extended brake lines fort lifted Broncos may cost extra) clean and paint front hubs black, add brake fluid, bleed brakes, road test.
    Front dual-shock service - Averages $1,200 to $1,400
    This service includes removal of all factory or after market stock front shock systems, (including g any old school dual shock mounts), removal of upper shock mounts, fill any unnecessary holes in frame, prep and paint all welded areas black, install new dual-shock hoops, install lower shock mounts on axle, paint new lower shock mounts (if necessary) re-install shocks and boots, adjust shocks, road test.
    Full carpeting service - Averages $1,150 to $1,450
    Includes removal of your stock interior, roll bar or cage, all of your old carpeting or floor matting. In your choice of color, we will provide custom loop carpeting, custom seams, restored factory aluminum moldings (or a new after-market aluminum carpet trim kit) Includes removal of hard or soft top for ease of installation. Price depends on what is in your vehicle when it comes to us.
    Full dual-front shock suspension service - Averages $3,550 to $3,850
    includes high pressure steam clean, remove all existing suspension, torch out and replace old leaf spring bushings, shackle bushings, coil springs, replace "C" and radius arm bushings, track bar bushings, replace rear leaf springs if necessary, install drop bracket, dropped pitman arm, bump stops, check tie rod and ends, replace if necessary, install all new dual front shock mounting system, front end allignment, road test. Price depends on which shocks you choose, our higher end shocks are Rancho 9000's. The highest end shocks we offer are King or Bilstein 2.5" Coil-Overs.
    Hard top restoration service - Averages $4,500 to $5,800
    Includes removal of top, removal all old seals and glue, remove windows and seals, removal of lift gate and all internal parts, transportation to body shop, prep, block out sides, primer, paint top any color with two stage base coat-clear coat paint inside and out, re-install all new side and rear windows with new rubber & seals, install restored parts or new parts, transport back to shop, re-install lift gate parts, re-mount and seal top. (side slider side windows available for an extra $400.00 set)
    High pressure steam clean / pressure wash engine bay & under car - Averages $350 to $475
    We now high pressure spray wash the engine bay, chassis, axles and the entire undercarriage, then give it back to you clean and ready to drive. Price depends on how bad your truck looks and how much build up over the years needs to be cleaned off to get to the metal.
    Hydro-boost brake conversion service - Averages $2,350 to $2,500
    This is the most widely used Hydro-boost system on Early Broncos these days, using all new master cylinder, hydraulic lines, hydro-boost unit and mounting brackets. Prior disc brake service required. Actual price depends on what your Bronco has in it when it comes to us, and if any additional parts or services are needed to make the brakes perform properly.
    Legend 12" coil over four link suspension system installation service - Averages $18,500 to $19,950
    Prior pressure wash required. The price to have us install our new Legend system on your vehicle depends on how far you want to take your Restoration. We will install our new Legend 12" travel Coil-Over suspension system with rear four-link & King Racing shocks on your vehicle as it sits now for around $18,500 to $19,950.00 installed. OR, we will separate the body from the frame, dis-assemble the entire chassis, remove all suspension parts, torch off all old suspension mounts, tear down the axles, weld the four-link mounts to your axles, send the axles out to be powder-coated, weld all new Legend suspension mounts to your stock Bronco frame, send the frame out for powder coating, then re-assemble everything with all new brake lines, fuel hard lines, axle seals, etc. We need to see your vehicle in person before any price can be estimated. Call Shaun for more details 310-293-7801
    Legend 6 point roll cage service - Averages $2,650 to $2,950
    Includes removal of soft or hard top, remove existing roll cage or roll bar, install new black powder coated 6 point Legend family roll cage with all new mounting hardware and stainless steel turn-buckles, re-install your soft or hard top with all new mounting hardware (add $850 for new black vinyl and foam outer padding & wrapping). We can also add new custom snap-in floor mats for your new Legend roll cage (at an additional $950 cost). This will prevent your windshield frame from banging against your window frames on your doors when your top is off, our turn-buckles are adjustable for a perfect fit with any top you decide to use.
    Legend Bronco Frame-Off body off restoration - Averages $140,000 to $150,000
    The cost of our Legend Frame-Off restoration starts at $135,000.00 and can reach $150,000.00. Our Stage 1 package includes a frame-off restoration with our new Legend 12" Coil-Over four link suspension system with all powder coated suspension parts, black powder-coated frame, Legend family roll cage with padding & wrapping, Legend Front & rear bumpers, Legend dash, Vintage A/C system, Dakota Digital climate control system, tilt steering column, new steering wheel, billet speedometer bezel, Legend 1/4" plated side step-up rocker guards, blacked out body trim, 3 tops (hard, soft & bikini) 400HP 351 based fuel injected engine, NV 4500 5 speed OR AOD 4 speed automatic transmission, Atlas 2 transfer case, Fabricated 9" rear axle with Soft or Detroit Locker, new Currie Dana 44 front axle with Posi-traction, 4.56 gears, Legend front & rear seats with head rests, Polyuria interior, tub fully under coated, Tuffy locking center console and glove box, premium Alpine sound system with 600w sub woofer system, 17" wheels & tires of your choice, 23 gallion fuel tank, plus bodywork & paint in the color of your choice. Basically new everything. If you want a Stage 2 Legend, with all top-of-the-line features, including a new 2016 Ford 430 HP fuel injected Coyote engine, 6 speed automatic, Atlas 2 transfer case, Hutchinson 17" Run-Flat wheels with Bead-Locks, and MT 33" tires, you will spend $165,000.00 to $175,000, add $20,000.00 for 600HP Roush super charged Coyote engine. Call or email for more details.
    Legend front bumper with push bar service - Averages $1,000 to $1,100
    Includes removal of your existing front bumper, install a new black Powder coated Legend front bumper with push bar with grade 8 hardware. (Add a Warn Winch, call for price, 310-293-7801)
    Linex interior bed liner service - Averages $1,350 to $1,650
    includes: transportation to and from service, *prior rust inspection & sandblasting may be required. prep and clean floors and interior bed, mask off edges, seal all holes and imperfections, spray on Linex bedliner. price varies depending on the condition of your tub. Comes in a LOT of different color choices, but we prefer BLACK. *** Additional prep time required for trucks that had prior carpeting in them.
    Manual transmission/ Auto trans service - Averages $950 to $1,450
    steam clean and prior inspection required. Once we figure out the problem with your transmission, it is removed and sent out to be repaired, then re-installed and road tested. If the problem does not require removal, take off $350.00 of the labor.
    MSD Atomic Fuel Injection service - Averages $4,500 to $5,000
    This MSD Atomic fuel injection service includes removal of your intake manifold and carburetor, installation of a new MSD Atomic self-adjusting fuel injection system, adjust distributor timing for maximum performance, test drive vehicle until it is completely dialed in. Additional performance parts such as a new MSD Blaster 2 coil, MSD distributor, and ceramic headers can be installed at this time, all additional parts will cost extra, and the price of this service will be adjusted accordingly once the vehicle is working to the best of our ability. A Dyno-Tune can be done for an additional $750.00 including trucking to the Dyno shop and back.
    MSD electronic ignition conversion - Averages $1,050 to $1,250
    includes new MSD 6AL or 6AL Off-Road ignition system, blaster 2 coil, chrome coil bracket, new MSD billet distributor, spark plugs, MSD plug wires, fine tune and road test.
    Power brake service - Averages $775 to $950
    Our power brake service includes a new power brake system, all new hard lines, bleed system, and whatever else is needed.
    Power steering conversion service - Averages $1,850 to $2,250
    includes high pressure steam clean if necessary, removal of all steering components, prep frame at box, add extra frame support if necessary, install rebuilt Saginaw 3.2 turn Tom Lee rebuilt factory gear box, install new custom linkage shaft, high pressure late model pump, all brackets, belts, pulleys, pump dipstick, pressure and return hoses, hardware, new fluids, road test.
    Rear Explorer disc brake service - Averages $1,550 to $1,750
    Prior brake inspection and steam clean is necessary, removal of all drum brake components, install all new disc brake system, paint and clean up axle, bleed brakes, road test. If additional work is required to get the truck to stop properly, like new brake hard lines on the axle, it could cost extra.
    Re-install complete interior after bedliner / carpet service - Averages $200 to $300
    includes re-install seats, panels, belts, roll cage, etc.
    re-install complete interior after bedliner / carpet service - Averages $125 to $200
    includes re-install of seats, panels, belts, roll cage, etc.
    replace windshield & seal with new - Averages $195 to $245
    Includes removal of old windshield, replace when truck is completed with new parts.
    Re-seal entire bronco with hard top - Averages $1,150 to $1,350
    Includes removal of hard top, remove all old seals, clean up areas on top from old glue, install new windshield frame seal, roof side rail seals, upper door seals, tailgate upper seal, lift gate lower seal, clean up and repaint rear seal tracks, paint and install new lower tailgate seal track and seal, re-install and re-seal top with all new hardware.
    Rocky Roads Fiberglass Cowl Induction hood installation service - Averages $750 to $950
    Includes removal of your old hood, install new RR hood, then match paint hood to your body color, install new hinges, new hood pin set, align hood. (this price depends on what kind of paint we will need to use). Transport to body and paint shop & back not included.
    Rocky Roads front bumper service - Averages $675 to $850
    Includes removal of your old front bumper & alignment and installation of a new Rocky Roads front bumper with all new grade 8 hardware (match painting bumper or powder coating is extra)
    Rocky Roads Legend Front & Rear bumpers - Averages $1,750 to $1,950
    This service includes removal of existing bumpers (if the bumpers are welded on, extra time will be required) and installing new Legend Front bumper & new Rock Solid rear bumper with swing out tire carrier. Price depends on whether you want a swing out tire carrier or not. Powder coating or match painting is extra.
    Service Inspection - Averages $350 to $425
    CARFAX admits there are thousands and thousands of accidents each day that will never get reported to their database. There is no central database for accident information and most insurance companies do not share accident information. CARFAX also admits they have very little repair history on their vehicles because there is no central database for repairs on vehicles. Our All-Points inspection Includes prior accident damage, quality of metal, quality of bodywork/paint, rust or prior rust damaged areas, notation of any recent upgrades, past (correct or marginal) repair work, notations of any repair or service work necessary, estimate costs of repairs necessary (minimum 4 hours time required for mechanical aspect of the inspection, 4 more to source the parts needed and write up the estimate) vehicle should be steam cleaned or pressure washed prior to this inspection. ADD: $75.00 for compression & leak-down tests. THIS INSPECTION IS MANDATORY BEFORE ROCKY ROADS WILL WORK ON ANY CAR.
    Shock service - Averages $525 to $850
    Includes removal and replacement of all shocks including the steering shock, some vehicles have six or eight shocks... we need to know how many shocks there are for an accurate estimate. Shock rates depend on which brand of shock you want. We suggest using Rancho 9000's if the truck is lifted.
    Shop labor rates - Averages $115 to $125
    Our 2013 Shop labor rates are $115.00 hr. for Vehicle Restoration and mechanical services, and $125 hr. for all electrical services. Sub services are the same, but we add a fuel surcharge for transport to sub shops and back.
    Standard 4 point roll bar service - Averages $550 to $750
    includes removal of top, install new 4 point roll bar (of your choice) with all new hardware, re-install top. (Black paint or powder coating is extra)
    Standard brake service - Averages $150 to $650
    must see and inspect vehicle for accurate estimate
    Strip interior for bedliner service / carpet service - Averages $200 to $375
    includes strip out all interior, seats, rear panels, belts, roll bar, rip out all old carpeting, etc.
    Under coating service - Averages $1,750 to $1,950
    Prior steam clean required, wire brush prep entire undercarriage, entire tub, prep, primer and spray 3M body schutz undercoating throughout entire tub, completely rust-proofing your rig forever from underneath.
    Vehicle transportation services - Averages $125 to $500
    Our transportation vendors generally charge $125.00 flat rate for up to a 10 mile tow, plus $3.50 per additional mile. We may need to transport your vehicle to and from specialty shops & sub shops during our process. There may be an extra charge for transporting separate parts (IE hard tops, bumpers, roll cages, wheels, tires, or other heavy items) If you have items that you want to have us install on your Bronco for you, we can work out a fair rate for transporting those parts to our shop to have them installed on your vehicle. We also offer transportation services from anywhere in the continental US. We work with many of the best enclosed & outside carriers. For continental U.S. trucking, please contact us. We can give you pricing & other information based on where the truck is coming from and where it's going. Our general information line is 310-293-7801 please ask for Shaun Bryant.
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