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1971 Ford Bronco Legend w 12 inch coil over suspension

Year: 1971 Color: Dark Matte Gray Price: SOLD
Updated: 6/30/2013 10:56:47 PM
Engine: Rebuilt 351 Windsor V8 , Modified Air Filter , Modified Manifold , Modified Headers , Modified Exhaust System , Modified Ignition , Modified Carburetor , aluminum radiator , March pulleys
Transmission: NV 4500 five speed , Atlas 2 Transfer case , Shifter on the floor
Exterior: factory antenna , Custom mirrors , Side steps , Reverse lighting , New lights and lenses , New windshield and seal , Trailer hitch , Rocky Roads Cowl Induction hood , Warn Winch , Custom Bumpers , Match Painted Flares , Custom Paint
Interior: Custom high back seats , Family roll cage , Linexed tailgate , Black locking center console with drink holders , Vintage Air system , on board air compressor , vinyl door panels , vinyl rear side panels , vinyl tailgate panel , RR Billet dash knobs , Tachometer , Tuffy locking rear box , Custom Legend dash , Autometer white face gauges
Brakes: Modified All Disc , Electric Hydro-boost system , New Lines
Steering: Modified Power Steering , Billet tilt column
Suspension: Four Link with 12" Fox coil-over shocks , Four Link front & rear
Features: CD/MP3 Player w/ IPOD , component speakers , amplifier , whoofer box
Electrical: New Centek wire harness , optima battery , Air Conditioning
Tires: Mickey Thompson ATZ 33's
Wheels: Hutchinson 17" run flats , Bead-Locks
Fuel System: 23 gallon main tank
axles: dana 44 , detroit locker rear , currie 31 spline axles , Currie Fabricated 9" with 3 1/2" HD Housing , ARB air locker front

The Legend Custom Vintage Classic Early Ford Bronco 4x4 Build
Our Gorman Off-Road Test Shake Down!

For nearly 20 years, Rocky Roads owner, Shaun Bryant, dreamed of building a trophy-truck quality Early Bronco. He wanted to create an Early Bronco that he could take surfing & be proud to drive around town, yet be tough enough to drive down the Baja and pre-run the Baja 500’s rugged off-road trails.

Shaun has an extensive surfing background, he's been surfing in Baja for over 30 years, so his dream Bronco had to be able to conquer his Baja surfing excursions. In his first Early Bronco, a '68 with a 351 Windsor Automatic with a 3.5" K Bar S dual-shocked lift, he and his friends got literally pounded to death while driving down Baja dirt roads & trails looking for new surf breaks. There HAD to be a better way.

The Legend Custom Vintage Classic Early Ford Bronco 4x4 Build

The Legend 4x4 Bronco was already built in Shaun’s mind many years ago. After restoring hundreds of Early Broncos for customers all over the world, and trying a number of different suspension configurations at his former shop in Inglewood CA (a three-seater in 2002 with 15" of front & rear wheel travel, a four-seater in 2004 with 14" of wheel travel) plus heavily modifying his '72 Vintage Class 3 Racer, Shaun was ready for a new challenge.

In January of 2012, Shaun received a call from a potential client. This client had been watching the web site for many years, so he knew what he wanted. He liked the Rocky Roads traditional Early Bronco look & feel, but he was looking for a smoothest possible ride & more wheel travel than any EB suspension system being offered in the EB industry. A daily driver that could double as a trail rig.

He said that he had spoken with Icon 4x4, and their new Icon Bronco concept had recently peeked his interest, but he wanted something more 'traditional' than what Icon was offering, something he could actually tinker with himself. He wanted his new Bronco to be more flexible as far as options, plus it had to be more affordable. Most importantly, he wanted to avoid the every-day suspension systems available at most Early Bronco build shops and facilities. It had to be superior to anything being offered on a Stock Early Bronco chassis, but not quite a Desert Racer. There had to be something that could fit his imagination as well as his budget.

That same day, the client and Shaun set out on a mission; to design & build a radical new Early Model Ford Bronco, based entirely on the factory Ford Early Bronco chassis, unlike any Rocky Roads had built in the past, with a truly unique 12" coil-over four link suspension system that could handle any off-road and 4x4 situation; from Pre-Running an off-road race to Rock Crawling, to taking to a truck show or car cruise. The client wanted his new Bronco to be able to actually withstand an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack as well, so running a late model engine with Fuel Injection was out of the question for his build. After agreeing to take on the job, Shaun located a perfect candidate in Burbank, CA. It was a clean 100% Rust-free 1971 Ford Bronco with a mildly modified 351 Windsor & NV 4500 5-speed transmission, which was exactly what his client wanted.

Shaun set out on his search for a fabrication shop that would be willing to help him design and develop a radical new 12" travel Coil-Over suspension system with four-link & Fox Racing shocks. After discussing this new concept with various designers in the off-road racing industry, Shaun was referred to a new and upcoming company with an outstanding background in suspension and chassis design. They had worked with a Baja race team, and they were familiar with the Solid Works CAD program, so Shaun gave them an opportunity to help develop his new Legend 4x4 product line for him.

In the development of the new Legend 4x4, Rocky Roads saw a lot of room for improvement on most of the aftermarket parts they were trying to use, and started producing a new Rocky Roads product line. Some of the new products include a new coil over front & rear suspension package (including raduis arms & trailing arms) with 12" wheel travel, a replacement dash with integrated GPS, a unique billet speedometer bezel with factory key switch built in, a unique front plated hybrid bumper with push bar, a stylish purpose-built 6 point roll cage, a custom skid plate for the Atlas 2 transfer case and a CNC mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust system. Carefully combined with other high-end EB parts, including the RR Cowl Induction fiberglass hood & match painted fender flares, these components will make the new Legend Bronco stand out in a crowd.

The first RR Legend 4x4 Bronco was built using a high-torque 351 Windsor engine with ceramic headers, the new mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust system, March billet aluminum pulleys, MSD ignition, Ron Davis aluminum radiator, 130 amp alternator, Optima red top battery & billet battery tray, marine quality battery cables, hi-output water pump, NV4500 five speed transmission, 3. ratio Atlas 2 transfer case, Electric hydro-boost system, fabricated Currie 9” rear axle housing with 31-spline axles, 4.11 High Pinion Detroit Locker, Wilwood 4-piston caliper disc brakes coupled with a Dana 44 front axle utilizing an ARB Air Locker and Ford disc brakes, custom steering, Hutchinson 17” bead lock wheels with Mickey Thompson ATZ tires will carry the new Legend over treacherous terrain or simply around town. This Bronco is capable of handling any terrain the owner would ever dare to take on.

After nine months of hard work and patience, their dream became a reality. The finishing touches have finally been completed, including the roll cage, dash, Vintage A/C system, Sirius XM Radio Alpine 8 speaker sound system, Pro Car Elite front & rear seats interior & custom roll cage padding & wrapping. The 1st Legend Bronco has been tested and delivered to it's client. Look for more Legends to be custom built in late 2013 & early 2014!

The new Legend 12" Coil over suspension package is now available to all Bronco enthusiasts. Rocky Roads will begin to offer full Frame-Off Legend Restorations (as the first Legend client chose) starting in August of 2013. We just received 5 new Legend 12" Coil-Over suspension systems, and we now have 10 more systems on order, and several Broncos we can build out into the next Legend 4x4 now. A'69 RR Bronco is currently having the legend system installed on it now, and another '70 is currently getting the Legend 4x4 treatment.

The complete 'Legend' 4x4 restoration package will start at $95K for our 'Base Model' and could reach as high as $135K fully loaded with Fuel Injected 5.0 liter fuel injected 347 Stroker engine, stainless exhaust, 4 speed automatic A.O.D. transmission & Atlas 2 transfer case.


The Rocky Roads 1971 Legend was recently featured in the new Bronco Driver Magazine!

Rocky Roads awesome Legend Bronco was featured in the new Bronco Driver Magazine. Their staff did a great job reviewing the amazing Legend.

Bronco Driver MagazineThe LegendRocky Roads Legend BroncoThe Legend BroncoBronco Driver Magazine - The Legend

You can also click here to download the story as a .pdf file.

2/8/2013 - Updated steering pics (after 6 months of driving)
8/27/2012 - Off-Road Magazine shoot
7/20/2012 - A/C done, dash being mounted at last
7/13/2012 - Legend roll cage installed
7/11/2012 - Rear bumper & spare on
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