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1966 U13 Classic Ford Bronco Roadster frame off restoration

Year: 1966 Color: Arcadian Blue Price: SOLD
Updated: 11/22/2017 11:52:03 AM
Engine: Rebuilt 302 V8 , stock carb and manifold , radiator upgrade
Transmission: Rebuilt 3 speed Manual , Shifter on the column , dana 20 transfer case
Exterior: Custom Paint , Un-Cut , Original Bumpers , Stock steel hood
Interior: Stock seats , Legend 4 point rear family roll cage , Roll Cage Padding & Wrapping , Restored stock seats , Shoulder belts , Custom snap in-and-out carpet mats , vinyl door panels , vinyl rear side panels , vinyl tailgate panel
Brakes: New Master Cylinder , New Lines , Restored drum system
Steering: Original Non-power steering
Suspension: Original
Electrical: New Centek wire harness
Tires: stock wheels and tires
Wheels: 15x6" stock rims
Fuel System: 12 gallon side tank
axles: ford 9" , Dana 30
Rocky Roads just restored of one of the most original Frame-Off restored U13 Classic Ford Bronco Roadsters in California. This is one clean little Bronco! Only 4070 of this model were produced, and of those only a small percentage were produced from the factory with a 289 V-8 engine. This is a rare Bronco model and very sought after.

This U13 Bronco sat in the same owner's back yard in Barstow since 1979 until the former owner's (who passed) sister decided to finally let it go about 4 years ago. The buyer (who we got it from) tried for 10 years to get this Bronco and finally his persistence paid off. He gave us a record book of the mileage put on the Bronco from 1976-1979, then it was put away for 32 years. After finally acquiring the Bronco, the guy we got it from meticulously pulled it all apart and began the restoration.

We just installed a freshly rebuilt 289 engine (a matching year engine) with fuel injection and a rebuilt 4 speed manual transmission, with a fresh Dana 20 straight handle transfer case. The cooling system has been upgraded, and the rust-free engine bay is match-painted & immaculate. The chassis has been meticulously restored back to factory black, and It has recent power steering & new disc brakes. This Bronco now runs and drives like new.

The body of this Bronco is as clean as they come, it has been in the high desert all of it's life (50 years). There is not lick of rust anywhere in this Bronco and it has one of the straightest, cleanest bodies we have ever seen. The core support is perfect. The floor pans are perfect on top & underneath. The bed is as clean as the outside of the Bronco. The frame is perfect and has never been hit & the body bushings and all of the suspension bushings & shocks have been replaced.

A new Centek wire harness was recently installed, along with restored hard doors, new window felts, channels & runners, the doors have been completely restored, it also has new RR Sport door panels, new window rollers, armrests and door strikers. The dash board has been restored back-to-original, all of the dash knobs have been replaced. The heater has been rebuilt & the glove box is working properly, the VIN number is right where it's supposed to be, on the inside of the drivers side kick panel.

The bodywork & paint was done at a high quality body and pant facility. It has been painted back to it's original 'Arcadian Blue' U13 Ford Bronco Roadster color, with off-white decorative paint on the hood. The dash was repainted in the original gray color, as all U13 Bronco Roadsters had at the time. It has stock 15x6" wheels, newer 235 tires & 1966 Bronco Roadster hub caps.. It has HID head lights already, so no work is needed there.

The bumper in front is white & it's an actual 1966 bumper & we have the original '66 rear bumper that's also the original bumper, that is out being straightened & repainted white to match the front bumper, and a stock chrome rear bumper is currently on the Bronco. We could still restore & install the original 'silver' front & rear seats that would have been a 'dealer option' on this model, but it currently it has white stock seats.

We just had the entire engine bay repainted, everything is clean and there is no over spray anywhere. The entire bed was also just repainted, now the paint is a 9.5 out of 10 on top, underneath & throughout. This is one clean little U13 Roadster Bronco! With some modern updates, this will be one heck of a daily driver for the current owner!

11/10/2017 - With new side step up bars
8/22/2017 - Almost ready to be delivered
11/14/2016 - Freshly painted inner tub, engine bay & original '66 hub caps
10/23/2016 - With stock wheels, hub caps & new white seats
10/20/2016 - With new white stock seats & Legend 4 point roll cage
10/18/2016 - Just in from Barstow
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